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Sub Summary calculation with IF statement?

Question asked by bnmohr on Feb 4, 2015
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Sub Summary calculation with IF statement?


My situation is somewhat like this thread:


I am tracking audio signals through sound systems.  If I filter and sort lists of Signals, I can get a report of Devices with the following breakpoints


Device::Name/Model etc


1  Signal Name

2 Signal Name


1 Signal Name

2 Signal Name

3 Signal Name

4 Signal Name

Next Device Name/Model...

What I want is for each location, to to summarize the total number of inputs, and the total number of outputs.  I have the summarry field sInput Count that is the count of record ID's which properly sums the inputs but also the outputs for each device, however if I try to total those summaries at the "Input/Output" breakpoint, it's summing all of them together (both inputs and outputs)- what I want is a sum IF Input Output Flag="Input" and another sum IF = "Output"


My current solution is to convert the Input Output Flag text field into two number fields cIsInput and cIsOutput which is just the evaluation ="Input" or ="Output" and then total those fields at the end.  It works, I was just hoping there was a more elegant way to do this based on the sub summary lines.  In hind sight I should have defined the input/output flag as a number field knowing it would eventually end up in a calculation.