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sub summary excel export...again

Question asked by waldotippy on Mar 14, 2012
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sub summary excel export...again



i'v been searching around and have found other solutions but none seem to be working for me.


i have a simple layout...all i want to export is the contents "sub summary when sorted by PERSON NAME" part.
this section, as you can guess has multiple person names listed.
to get my data, the part is defined to sub summary when sorted by PERSON NAME...i also sort the data by DATE and DEPT as well (to visually group the data).

when i export to excel i "group by" PERSON NAME.
when i do the export the data is mostly incorrect.

however, i am doing a date range.

if i change the date to a single day the numbers exported are correct.

if i change to a date range of multiple days and "group by" PERSON NAME, DATE, and DEPT i get a rowfor each day of data per person, the average of which is the correct number for each data value.


any idea what i'm doing wrong?




incidentally...i have tried the GetSummary() function but that returns the incorrect values if on any part definition of the layout.