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Sub Summary Field Not Visible in Browse Mode

Question asked by mperley on Jun 11, 2013
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Sub Summary Field Not Visible in Browse Mode


     I have two tables, Customers and Orders, with the following relationship: Customer:accountnumber::Order:accountnumber. I've created a sub summary report based on the Orders table that lists all orders by customer. I used the Order:accountnumber field as the break for the sub summary part of the layout, with the related Customer:name field in the sub summary part. The layout is sorted first by Order:accountnumber and then Order:ordrdernumber.

     When viewed in Browse Mode, the report looks like it should. However, the customer name field is not visible at all. When selected, the field boundaries become visible with a dotted line but a cursor will not appear in the field. However, I can do this for all of the fields in the body part records, and the formatting is the exact same for all fields on the layout. The field is not hidden for printing and the table occurrences upon which this layout is based are related.

     Does anyone know why this is happening? I've done the same thing successfully for with our Oders and Vendors tables. Any help is greatly appreciated.