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Sub Summary in Comparison to the same week a year ago

Question asked by Sage on Dec 17, 2014
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Sub Summary in Comparison to the same week a year ago


I currently have a script that is set up to do the following: 

Go to Layout ["Summary Status"]

Enter Find Mode [ ]
Set Field [Table1:Status ; "Active"]
Set Field [Table1:State ; "StateName"]
Set Field [Table2:Action ; "Registered"]
Set Field [Table2:Year ; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ]
Perform Find [ ]

Inside the layout I have 16 different Summary calculations.  I run a company with clients in 4 states and need to track those states the same way so usually the only variable that would change would be the state name.

My script currently works just fine, but I want to expand it to included last year's data (which may mean re-writing the script completely).

Once I get it set up correctly, I would like to compare each of those summaries to the same date, but a year earlier.  I have not been tracking those summaries on a daily/weekly basis because I don't know how to set it up.  Moving forward I would like to log the summaries based on a script that runs when I close the database.

Any help would be appreciated.