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sub summary part when sorted by cartesian related table field

Question asked by jmvatc on Jan 21, 2014
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sub summary part when sorted by cartesian related table field



     I am trying to create a "risk exposure by body part" report for my clients.

     For each client we track risk through four tables ["cs", "tos", "pas" & "eas"] each related to Clients.  I have also created a table BodyParts and created a cartesian relationship between Body Part::Body Part Name and Clients::Client Name.  From my understanding, this allows each record in Clients to share all of the records in Body Parts.

     Since each client has one unique risk exposure, I created a report layout using records from Clients called Risk Exposure by Body Part.  I have a sub-summary part for Client [sorted by Clients::Clients Name] then a second sub-summary part for Body Part [sorted by Body Part::Body Part Name].

     In both sub summaries, I have a portal for each of the related tables ["cs", "tos", "pas" & "eas"] with the summary field s_exposure for each [s_exposure is a total of exposure].  These portals are filtered by cs::client name and cs::body part name so that the s_exposure field only displays the s_exposure for the specific client and body part.

     This is working with correct data except that the sub-summary for Body Part only shows the first record in Body Part.  The layout is sorted correctly by Clients::Client Name then Body Part::Body Part Name.

     Is there something else I need to add?

     Thank you in advance.