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Sub Summary Report based on Subset of related table

Question asked by sccardais on Mar 25, 2014
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Sub Summary Report based on Subset of related table


     The attached report (Ranking Issues) shows records from Join_Issues_Assigned which is related to Surveys.

     The attached shows a portion of a layout (Ranking of Issues) that shows all records in a related table (Surveys) that have at least one related record in Join_Issues_Assigned. Ranking of Issues shows records from Join_Issues_Assigned. The report sorts the issues in declining order based on the Count of the field, "Issues Mentioned" in Join_Issues_Assigned.

     I would like the same report but based on two find criteria in Surveys. Surveys that have at least on Issue Assigned and Surveys from customers using specific editions of our product.

     I know how to do a find in Surveys based on multiple criteria but the found set is lost when I switch to the Ranking of Issues layout. How do I preserve the found set when switching to a report based on a related table?

     Also, I would like to show that the Ranking report is based on a subset of the records in Surveys. e.g. "This Report is based on (# of surveys) received from customers using Editions, "A, B, C" etc. What is the best way to do this?