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Sub Summary Report sorted by related fields.

Question asked by JohnScalla on May 17, 2011
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Sub Summary Report sorted by related fields.


Okay here is the dilemna:

I have a table called Staffers in which I have the following fields: Staff Full Name, Activity #1, Activity #1B, Activity #2, Activity #2B, Activity #3, Activity #1a Notes, Activity #1b Notes, Activity #2a Notes, Activity #2b Notes, Activity #3 Notes.

So in short the staffers table has a list of staff as well as the activities they are able to do with notes for each activity.

What I need is a report similiar to a Sub Summary report that will list all Staffers who can do a particular activity. The issue is that since the activities are listed in order or preference (ie. 1a is more important than 2b) for another report used. So let's say I have the following data

Staff Full Name     Activity #1     Activity #1a Notes     Activity #1B     Activity #1b Notes
John Smith           Swimming      Strong                    Archery           New to this
Jane Cole            Sailing           Captain                   Swimming       Instructor
Bob French           Archery          Instructor                Sailing            Student

As you can see some staffers may have the activity listed in any of the activity fields. I need the report to group ALL staff who do a particular activity.

For example:

John Smith - Strong
Jane Cole - Instructor

John Smith - New to this
Bob French - Instructor

Jane Cole - Captain
Bob French - Student

What can I do?