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Sub Summary report with portal

Question asked by firth5 on Jun 15, 2010
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Sub Summary report with portal


I am managing a database that tracks scenes as they go through the production process.  (SCENE table)


I recently added a VERSIONS table that tracks the different versions that a scene undergoes, via a portal.  The portal displays the highest version number at the top of the list (descending order.)


I have several report pages that use the SCENE table, and have a portal VERSION, showing only the top portal row (thus displaying only the most current version.)


All of this works great.  However when I sub-summary by one of the fields within the portal, it uses the info in the last portal record (the first version recorded for that scene.)


What should I do?  

Is there some sort function on the sub-summary field I"m missing?

Do I redo this report page using the VERSION table as the main fields?  how would I then filter out the previous versions that I don't want to see?


Thanks in advance,