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    Sub Summary reporting



      Sub Summary reporting



           I have added a sub-summary section to a list of information split be VAT rate. I have also added a field that calculates the total amount of VAT;

           Total VAT 1957.12

           VAT @ 4% VAT 2.90

           VAT @ 21% VAT 1,954.22

           From the above figures there are some 941 records.

           I now need to find a way of getting the information that is stored in the sub-summary to another layout (the layout is showing the same records, I just need to drill down and show key information). I need a breakdown of the rate that was applied and the total of VAT.

           Any guidance would be appreciated,

           Many thanks,



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               There is no "information stored in the sub summary". But you can calculate the same sub total--either with a self join relationship or in a calculation field using the GetSummary function.

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                 Thanks for the reply.

                 I have a calculation field using the get summary function. The issue I have is that I have the sub summary driven by the VAT rate, so when I click in one of the tables, the calculation changes due to being driven by the VAT rate.

                 In Browse mode I have both totals showing based on the VAT rate applied.

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                   GetSummary returns a value based on the records in a found set and how they are sorted, but a relationship can match to a specific set of records, such as line items linked to the current invoice and then an aggregate function such as Sum can compute a total. That relationship can be set up to match to only certain line items--those that contribute to the total needed for your tax calculation, for example.

                   Beyond that, there's not enough detail in what you describe for me to provide any more assistance. I'd need to know more about the design of your database table(s) before I could suggest anything in more detail.