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    Sub Summary Reports



      Sub Summary Reports


      Is there a way of having multiple sub summary reports on the same layout but where the data is from different tables ?

      I have two tables - one showing labour resources, the other materials. In the first subsummary report, I would like the data to be grouped by tasks (so it shows the total cost of labour per task) and in the second a list of all the materials. Thanks



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          It depends on your table structure if you have:


          You can base your layout on Table3 and add fields as needed from tables 1 and 2.

          If you have:


          or your tables are unrelated, then you'll not be able to do this easily.

          You might be able to list your materials in a portal set to be very large and to then slide up/resize enclosing part or you might want to do this report with two layouts that you either print in succession from or by using a scripted save as PDF option, to merge PDF's from both layouts into a single file.

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            Well, a Subsummary report is basically a List view with grouping. It follows the same rules as any other layout, which is that the records come from the table which the layout is assigned to. Fields of course can be from its own table, or any related table.

            You can however create a calculation in the Labor table which gathers Materials from their table. The List() function is useful for this. If you need multiple fields from materials, like tab-separated, it is still doable, but will require a concatenation calculation in Materials, or a Custom Function.

            You could gather the Materials related to the "task", if Materials also have a "task" field. Otherwise all Materials for that job?

            Now, where/how to add them to the report. If they are by task, then put the calculation into the Body. If not, put them in a Trailing Grand Summary. You'd need to use "sliding" to deal with variable size of text blocks. So, it's kind of a PITA, but usually doable.

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              P.S. If this all fits on one page, then Phil's portals are the easiest. Portals print poorly over page breaks however. Though in fact, everything prints poorly over page breaks in FileMaker 11 :-|

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                thanks Gents. I think I will look at my table design and see if I can combine the tables into one. Happy New Year and thanks for all your help in the last couple of weeks !!!