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Sub Summary reports and Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by swillette on Jul 23, 2012
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Sub Summary reports and Instant Web Publishing


I have a copy table with a sub summary report that shows me my projects grouped by a field called ProjectID . I have my sub summary part on the bottom that shows me the numbers I need and a total summary that gives me the grand totals I need.

All of the data is copied via a script from 4 other tables (some are SQL tables). So when my script executes, all the records in this copy table are deleted and new records are copied in.

Not the most efficient way getting this report, but it is the only way I can get the numbers after trying multiple other ways. (Why can’t a portal show a found set of a layout!!!)

I need to have my customer’s employees view this in a browser with Instant Web Publishing. And once again I’m stumped because IWP doesn’t support sub summary parts.

I found this post but I’m not sure if it will work for me. Subsummary Reports in IWP

My problem is I have multiple ProjectID (s) with different fields from the 4 copied tables. So after my script copies records from the first table, the script proceeds to copy data from the second table that has different fields than the first. When the script is all done, I then use summary fields to help group the ProjectID (s) together to get my sub summary report. (Example there can be 20 ProjectID (s) of 107-125:61 that are summed up as one)

Is there any way I can show this data in IWP?