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Sub summary with hidden row (but not using hide function!)

Question asked by Stu412 on Jul 16, 2015
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Sub summary with hidden row (but not using hide function!)


I need to do a sub summary report which includes a figure I have currently in a portal on the top of the report in a leading grand summary - the figure is an amalgamation of other items and really for display purposes on paper, but it needs to be included:

Leading GS:   Portal - A


Sub Row: B

Sub Row: C

Sub Row: D


Sub SS Result (B+C+D)

I need the result to show A-(B+C+D)

One thing I thought of was to create a dummy record with a value equal to A and a sort field equal to B, C and D.  Of course, this would be visible as a row in the sub summary section, which I don't want.

I can hide the row using the Hide routine, but there are two things I'd rather not do:

1) Have to create fake/dummy records just to cover this

2) Use the hide routine as it has been leaving a blank row in among the others.

So basically, how can I get a value not in the found set to work with the found set??