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    Sub summary with no break fails to show Month header



      Sub summary with no break fails to show Month header


      My report by Month layout works great - until I want to show a subset of records for just the current month. I am using a Find script for the current month but then the Month header disappears.

      Is there a way to have the layout show me only one month's figures WITH that month's name at the top of the list? With two months' data the month name appears at the top of each month eg July above July's data, August above August's data etc but when I run a script to Find for current month the name of the month disappears from the top of the list, and while all the data appears, it is no longer in date order.

      Here are the instructions I followed to create my report:


      This is the Find script I am using:

      Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) & "." & Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )

      What am I doing wrong?

      I am using FMP Adv 11.