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sub summery in a portal????

Question asked by weedonpaul on Apr 17, 2015
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sub summery in a portal????



I have a small PR company that's main service is Time. which is categorised into projects, (i.e. admin, emails, meetings etc). so when we do work for a client we log that time in a time sheet identifying which project it is. time tracking is one table, we also have expenses which go in another table. I have created a layout (based on a third table Invoices,) that has 2 portals one for time and one for expenses and that works fine, but when I print the invoice I would like to have a summery of time spent so for example instead of having every entry of admin on the printed invoice it sums it up under one entry for admin. is it possible to to a sub summery within a portal? or could you suggest a way to sub summary the report and still be able to pull in the expenses. If I do use portals is there a way to make them dynamic so that the grow with my list?