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Sub Total and Grand Total in List

Question asked by sjpockmire on Jun 10, 2014
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Sub Total and Grand Total in List


     I am working on an inventory program for a historical association with five house-museums. There are three tables - Inventory, DateLocationValue, and Photographs. The parent table is Inventory. The child table is DateLocationValue. The date, location and value are updated every couple of years but not all inventory items are updated. My question is, when I do a list I can't seem to get it to total the value of the items for each house. If I use a layout with the Inventory table, the most recent record shows in the list but I can't get it to total. If I use a layout based on the DateLocationValue table, it shows all the records, not just the most recent and totals all the past and present records. 
     How can I have it pull the most recent date/location/value record and total the value?
     Thanks for any help you can give.