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    sub-dropdown list



      sub-dropdown list


      I am trying to create a value list that is connected to other value lists so it can be displayed as sub-dropdowns.  For example, the first list has States and if you mouseover to Illinois a second list with cities in Illinois is displayed.  Is there a way to do this?

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          That would be a very nice feature request!


          Unfortunately, FMP can't do that out of the box. However, you can have two drop downs, one for your state and one for your cities. You can set this up so that when you select Illinois, the second menu is limited to cities from Illinois.

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               Thanks. I imagine that in your suggestion to limit the second menu to a specific list you do it with a script that selects the correct second list.
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              No script, just a relationship. There's an option you can select in your value list definition that limits values to the related values.


              Let's say you have a table of Cities with two text fields:


              CityName and State


              In a layout referencing the table where you want your two value lists, You define a field (could be a global field), for your state value list and link it to Cities::State.


              Now you can use this relationship as part of your value list definition.

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                   Thanks.  I will try that. It seem simple.
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                  I've tried following these instructions carefully, but must be missing something.


                  I set up the two tables and connected via state:

                  Parent                  Cities


                  state                    City

                  City                      state


                  On the layout for Cities I entered several records: Boulder, CO; Denver, CO; Omaha, NE; Chicago, IL

                  On the Parent layout the state is a drop down list showing CO, NE, IL.

                  On the Parent layout the City is a drop down list showing values from "City" in the Cities table.  ::City


                  I tried creating a record in the Parent layout.  I chose CO as the state.  In the City drop down, ALL the cities show up, not just the ones restricted to CO.


                  I'm sure I'm missing something.  Can someone guide me through this so that only the cities in CO show up when I select CO?





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                       Did you set this up with "Include only related values starting from: Parent"?
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                      No I didn't.  I'm new at this and was unaware of that capability.  I did find some specific instructions through FileMaker 'Help' and am attempting to set it up so it includes only related field values.


                      Thanks for your input.  You've pointed me in the right direction


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                        I am new to FileMaker Pro. Can someone tell the best way to get a whole bunch of questions answered?



                        1. How do I make a dropdown menu of allowed possible answers?

                        2. How do I get new fields I add through the layout edit to recall automatically the information from other records but the same field? Kind of an automatic typing feature?





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                          Browse the Help Menu in Filemaker?

                          Buy a book about Filemaker? Missing Manual series is good, generally.

                          View the free lessons in the Filemaker videos at www.lynda.com

                          View the filemaker videos on youtube.com


                          View the information on www.filemaker.com


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                            Here's a thread on setting up conditional value lists you may find helpful:

                            Custom Value List?

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                              Your workaround is nifty, but am I right in guessing that it only works with statically-defined values?

                              In my problem case, a text field "Author" offers a choice from a drop-down list of names which displays the values taken from the field contents in a related table ("Contacts::Name"). That list is getting long and requires a lot of cumbersome scrolling. Hence the need for a two-tier solution, with the names in the drop-down list categorized by initials. Ideally the drop-down list for "Author" should show 26 values (A-Z) in a primary drop-down list; the selected initial would then unfold into displaying the relevant names as selected by that initial. But as I say, the names are not a static, separately defined value list but a variable set of values taken from a related table....

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                                No, conditional value lists do not work with static or "custom" values. They specifically work with values drawn from a field in a table so they should work for you in this situation.