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sub-sub-sub summaries

Question asked by imgaryshap on Sep 29, 2009
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sub-sub-sub summaries




i'm using FMP 8 on a mac, and i'm a novice.


I work in the entertainment biz.  I have a projects database.


I have figured out how to sort by month and each sub-summary heading clearly (and correctly) lists the month and number of projects submitted in that month.


I would like other information to be included in that sub-summary, monthly heading.  some of the other information is part of value list field.  for example - i have a field labeled "Source" that has a pop-up selection of either "Internal" or "External."   


For example - I would like the report to show this:


September - 2009: 28 projects

 12 - internal

 16 - external


list of all September '09 records....


August - 2009:  30 projects

 10 - internal

 20 - external


list of all August '09 records



Right now, what I'm getting is this:


 September - 2009: 12 projects

 12 - internal


list of all September '09 internal records....


September - 2009: 16 projects

16 - external


list of all September '09 external records....


Any thoughts?


thanks so much!