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Sub-summaries and Sort by gSort

Question asked by justjoker on Apr 30, 2013
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Sub-summaries and Sort by gSort



     I've gotten stuck trying to make a layout that could show different sub-summaries when I enter a field name to sort by to gSort  field in Globals table.

     I've done the following:

     - Made a layout with several sub-summary parts. Each part is sorted by the different field.

     - Placed gSort field on the layout.

     - Ttryed write script and  to sort by gSort through menu - Does not work...


     It all look Ok when I sort by one of the fields manually. Layout looks fine with it's sub-summary.. But when I try to sort by gSort, which is a global field, I get a problem - I don't see sub-summaries.

     Any advice?

     Thank you,