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Sub-Summaries Failing In FMP12

Question asked by DanielPinder on Oct 24, 2013
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Sub-Summaries Failing In FMP12


     I was making some cosmetic changes to a printing layout and the behaviour changed somewhere along the way. What happens now is there is a page break at the end of a sorted sub-summary group where there was never before and I cannot figure out what happened or how to fix it.

     My db is sorted first by REEL, then by SORT ORDER. Nothing has changed here in the new design.

     Have a look at the old way and the new way. Here is how it's SUPPOSED to work; I have provided 4 pages. Note how each REEL's sub-summary finishes and the next REEL starts immediately afterwards:


     Right? It all looks fine.

     Now, look at the modified layout. I don't know what I did, but here is the result. Let me start by saying nothing has changed in the Part Definition dialogue:

     For some reason, there is a page break before every new sub-summary. How can I make that STOP? Just to be clear, I want NO page breaks.

     Here is the Part Definition window and Sort Order:


     Thanks for any insight. I'm using FileMaker 12.0.5 on a Mac under 10.8.5.