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Sub-Summaries for 2 levels of a report

Question asked by LoggyDoggy on Dec 7, 2009
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Sub-Summaries for 2 levels of a report


I have only a few more days to prove to my company that FileMaker Pro is the way to go.  If I can't get the following issue to work out, I will have to throw in the towell.  It represents most of what we do, so it's important that FileMaker be able to do this.


I have employees who work on various tasks and those tasks fall under contracts.  I need to monitor the hours and dollars for each person and have it roll up (summarize) for tasks AND contracts.  I've used summary fields and the TASK subsummary works correctly.  I can't get the second level to work.


Contract 1 

Task 1:  John Doe     5 hours    $5.00

            Jane Smith   5 hours    $5.00

Subtotal for Task 1    10 hours   $10.00


Task 2:  John Doe     10 hours    $10.00

            Jane Smith   10 hours    $10.00

Subtotal for Task 2    20 hours    $20.00

Subtotal for Contract 1  30 hours   $30.00


It's the line in blue that isn't working.  The subsummary gives me whatever the bottom task number was (in this case, 20 hours and $20.00).  How do I get that CONTRACT level subsummary to give me 30 hours and $30.00?  We have many contracts, so the contract total is not really a Grand Summary.  It's just level 2.


Thanks for your help!