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Sub-Summaries Issue

Question asked by DJD on Nov 23, 2009
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Sub-Summaries Issue


I am having trouble getting my sub-sums and my trailing grand sum to add up my columns on a report layout that I am creating.  I have created the layout under my Projects Table, but I am trying to sub-summarize and grand summarize a summary field from my Savings Table.  I believe that I have properly created a relationship between the two tables with my common key Project ID # because my other layouts without sub-sums are working fine.  The Savings Table field (Savings Amount) is showing the correct amount for each record in the body, however, the sub-sums and the grand sum using the Savings Amount Summary field are not adding the amounts correctly.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


Using FMPro v.10.03

Windows XP Pro

FMPro Skill Level (1 to 10)= 6