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Sub-summary and calculation

Question asked by justjoker on Apr 29, 2013
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Sub-summary and calculation



     I think it's easy but I can't figure out how to ...

     I've got a table with CountWin (>=0) and CountLoss (<0) transactions. I count them separately and got a calculation field "Win/Loss Ratio"=CountWin/CountLoss.

     When I put CounWin and CounLoss on Sub-summary part of the layout sorted by other fields I see correct results, but CountWin/CountLoss field that is also on that sub-summary shows the result for all records but not sorted ones.


     Transaction A (3)  CountWin=2   CounLoss=1 CountWin/CountLoss=1.5 (should be 2/1=2)




     Transaction B (2) CountWin=1 CounLoss=1  CountWin/CountLoss=1.5 (should be 1/1=1)



     Total: 5                  CountWin=3 CounLoss=2  CountWin/CountLoss=1.5 (correct)


     What am I doing wrong?

     Kind regards,