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Sub-Summary Field

Question asked by VanessaAnne on May 2, 2014
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Sub-Summary Field


I need to count and summarize different field data - meaning, for example...

Let's say I have a "status" field, and the entry options are "IP", "Omit" and "Hold".  If I do a find for all my my records, let's just say there are 50 IPs, 50 Omits and 50 Holds (out of 150 total records)

Do you have any examples (or know how) to set up a summary field in the header that would then show the sub totals:

IP:  50
Omit:  50
Hold:  50

I know now to set up a "summary" field that counts found records, but I don't know how to do one that can count various different entries (counts the IPs, Omits and Holds separately).