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Sub-summary field not shown on Report in Preview mode

Question asked by NaturSalus on Jul 20, 2011
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Sub-summary field not shown on Report in Preview mode



I have a simple project for keeping track of foods.

In the attached image the database structure is shown.

The Foods table contains all the fields of the database. The relevant fields to my next questions are:






The FoodCategory field values are selected from the Food Category value list.

The FoodSubCategory field values are selected from the Food SubCategory value list.

There is a Conditional value list relationship established between these two value lists.

I have a Record Selection script attached to a button that when activated selects the records based on the preestablished criteria.

The database works fine as well as the script that selects the found set.

I have a Report Layout named Beneficial Foods based on the Foods table that I use to list all the foods that meet the preestablished criteria established in the record selection script. The structure of the Beneficial Foods report layout is the following:


Beneficials Foods (text)

Food Category (text)

   Food SubCategory (text)

       Food Name (text)

Sub-summary by FoodCategory(Leading)

FoodCategory::FoodCategory (field)

Sub-summary by FoodSubCategory(Leading)

     FoodSubcategory::FoodSubcategory (field)


      Foods::FoodName (field)


Page Number (text)

After running the Record Selection script and doing a Records -> Sort Records by:




in Browse mode, I can see the found set contents for the three fields: FoodCategory, FoodSubcategory and FoodName

However, when I move to Preview mode I can only see the contents of the FoodSubcategory and FoodName fields.

What I want is to have is a list of all the records that meet the selection criteria. And so far with my current settings that is not occurring.

Any ideas on how to sort this out is much appreciated.