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Sub-summary for different company sectors

Question asked by SydneyBlock on Aug 25, 2014
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Sub-summary for different company sectors


     I'm having a little trouble basically creating "one report to rule them all."


     I want to set up my report like this:

Engineering(Company Sector)


                                     Jane Doe(Name)                 AR Specialist(Title)                  $70,000.00(Salary)

                                     John Smith                            Accounts Payable                     $90,000.00

                                                                                Department Total                   $160, 000.00

Company Sector Total                                                                                          $000,000.00

                                                                      COMPANY GRAND TOTAL      $000,000,000.00

     What I am trying to achieve is individual department totals, a company sector total, and then a grand company total. What I have accomplished already is:

     - Getting the company sector to display correct departments

     -Summary field for Department total