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Sub-Summary in calculations

Question asked by deliciousapple on Mar 3, 2009
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Sub-Summary in calculations


I need to calculate closing percentages in summary rows.


I have been able to use the getsummary function and calculate a closing percentage for all records showing in a report.   I would like to do this for summary rows as well.



If I have 45 records showing in a report, I might have it broke down into three cities, (sub-summaries)

Seattle has 20 appointments, 5 sales

Lacey has 15 appointments, 2 sales

Olympia has 10 appointments, 3 sales 


How do I get a simple close percentage per city? example i would want to see a field that says 25% for seattle

I have the total close percentage for all records showing on the report, in this example I would see a 22.22% closing percentage on all appointments. 


My summary field for total appointments is "count_date"

My summary field for sales is "count_sale_gross"