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Sub-Summary List Report Initial Sort by Make

Question asked by user19164 on May 14, 2010
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Sub-Summary List Report Initial Sort by Make


Hi. This might go to the amazing Phil as usual (you rock by the way). I have a report that is a sub summary with page breaks after each occurence. I am pulling my sets by their unique C-ID (Car ID as these are photographs of a car collection). The report works great, unfortunately I need to sort the records first by make, model and year, then do the sub summary by C-ID (group of photos). If I am performing my sub-summary when sorted by C-ID how do I first sort the image sets by their Make, Model and Year? Of course if I change the sub-summary group when sorted by Make I get a group of all the same makes, not really what I am looking for since I am trying to print a report of all views of a given set (Make, Model & Year). Attached is an example of my first page of the sub summary report. As you can see it is grouped by Group ID so for this record the unique identifier of C00001 (The second page has the remaining records in this set, and so on and so on for all of the unique groups of images.). This being sorted by Group ID is fine for me but as I explained it would be ideal to first sort the pages of these lists by Make Model and Year and then sub summary those pages by group ID. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.