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    Sub-Summary not showing up



      Sub-Summary not showing up



      I'm a beginner with FM and I'm having difficulty creating a summary report.  I want to keep track of staff daily performance and be able to sort productivity by three main criteria -- type of task (ie administrative), then by task, and finally by project.  It seems straightforward, but I can't seem to figure out where the problem is, so the following is how I created my database.

      I created two tables with the fields as follows:

      Table 1




      Table 2

      Task –(drop down value list)

      Type of Task –(Calculation field to automatically figure out type when task is entered)

      Project –(drop down value list)



      SumHrs –(Summary field data type that totals the Hours field)

      SumQty –(Summary field data type that totals the Quantity field)


      The data entry layout works nicely.  However, when I try to create a report to capture a month's worth of work, the report grabs the grand total without sorting. 

      In the report layout, I have a sub-summary part sorted by "type of task", then another sub-summary part below it sorted by "task", and another sub-summary sorted by "project".  I placed the SumHrs and SumQty fields in all of these sub-summary parts but in the preview mode, it only shows one line, which is the grand total.

      I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.  I made sure the field boxes are not crossing their boundaries in each sub-summary part and I think I defined a break field (Is that when you define the sub-summary part and you click on how you want it to be sorted by?) 

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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          Did you sort the records?

          Select Sort Records from the records menu and specify a sort that sorts your records by type of task, task, and project.

          If you are using FileMaker 10 or 11, your summary report with all the sub summary parts should then appear with appropriate sub totals. With older versions, you'll need to enter preview mode to see this.

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            Thanks for your speedy repsonse!  I think I'm using Filemaker 10 (I'm currently away from the office so I can't check).

            That seems to be the recommended action when I try to look for help in FM's help pages.  Can you explain what you mean by did I sort the records? I thought the records are sorted when I defined the sub-summary parts to sort by "type of task", "task" and "project".

            Or do you mean sort the entire report layout? 

            Thank you so much!


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              You have to actually sort the records. If the break field specified for a sub summary part isn't part of the sort order, that sub summary part doesn't appear. You can actually use this fact as a way to create different reports from the same layout just be sorting the records differently.

              Here's how to sort the records:  While in browse or Preview mode, pull down the Records menu and select Sort Records. Select the three fields you've defined as break fields in your sub summary parts with the most general group listed first and the most specific listed last. (Type of task at top, Project at bottom, Task should be in the middle.) Then click sort.

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                Thank you so much, PhilModJunk!  I shall try this first thing tomorrow morning.  Hope it'll work.


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                  I just want to say thanks again! I tried it out, and it works exactly how I wanted it to work!