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Sub-Summary Not Updating With New Related Records

Question asked by lloyddd on Mar 22, 2010


Sub-Summary Not Updating With New Related Records


Being able to view sub-summary data in browse mode....very cool.  Though I feel as though I have something set up incorrectly.


I have a window with an ARTIST with related (sub-summmary 1) MANAGEMENT COMPANIES and related (sub-summary 2) ARTIST AGENTS


So the layout reflects the following:


Columbia Artists Management

  • Jon Glen
  • Cathryn Bolton
  • Matt Stowe

It has been great seeing this in real-time.  If an AGENT is deleted, the change is reflected immdiately.


However, if I add an agent I am unable to see this change in real-time.  The only way I have been able to reflect an add is to perform a new find and sort.


Where have I missed the boat on this?




FM10 Advanced

XP and OSX