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    Sub-summary print layout - records starting on next page



      Sub-summary print layout - records starting on next page


      I've been working on a database that will be used as an appendix in a PhD dissertation.  There are long example quotes of text in a field that can span multiple pages.  This comes from several different editions of a text book and are categorized by the composer/hero that the text is about.  Fields are Hero (which is the composers name), author, edition, page numbers and quote.  I'm trying to have the layout look as follows:



      |Long Quote

      Repeat in the body with each author and quote then move to next Hero sub-summary.

      I have all of the fields set to slide up and resize the section.  I have the sub-summary set to turn off page breaks and everything is set to span pages.  Most of the time this works great but if the next sub-summary body for the first record won't fit entirely at the bottom of a page then it moves to a new page.  Even if the sub-summary, author/edition/page and part of the quote would fit at the bottom.

      How can I stop the next section from moving to the top of the next page?  I'm attaching some screenshots to show the problem.  Unfortunately because it is a dissertation appendix there are very specific formatting rules that won't allow me to use this.

      Thanks for any suggestions!


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          FileMaker Pro printing secrets
          by William Porter, Macworld.com   Feb 1, 2011


          Neither your word processor nor your spreadsheet program can compete with FileMaker Pro at handling structured data, but by the same token, FileMaker Pro can’t compete with your word processor if you need to print very large blocks of text. If you have fields that contain, say, essay-length (or longer) blocks of text, your best bet might be to export that data and merge it in Word.

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            I agree that Word would handle large blocks of text better but attempting to do a merge in Word seems to raise several issues as well.

            The biggest issue is how to do something similar to the sub-summary report where each new author/edition is rolled up under the hero/composer field.  My initial attempts result in each record being put onto a new page not combined as a summary. This actually seems to make the problem worse because at least with the sub-summary report I'm getting the records grouped together and only starting a new page when the next sub-summary won't fit.

            In addition, it appears that Word 11 for Mac won't recognize the FMP12 format which requires the data to be exported out into another format to be merged. This would need to be done and updated each time there is a change in the original data in the database.

            If I can figure out the sub-summary aspect and the pagination problem in Word, I'd be fine with going that route.