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Sub-summary print layout - records starting on next page

Question asked by ArdenSwift on Sep 4, 2012
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Sub-summary print layout - records starting on next page


I've been working on a database that will be used as an appendix in a PhD dissertation.  There are long example quotes of text in a field that can span multiple pages.  This comes from several different editions of a text book and are categorized by the composer/hero that the text is about.  Fields are Hero (which is the composers name), author, edition, page numbers and quote.  I'm trying to have the layout look as follows:



|Long Quote

Repeat in the body with each author and quote then move to next Hero sub-summary.

I have all of the fields set to slide up and resize the section.  I have the sub-summary set to turn off page breaks and everything is set to span pages.  Most of the time this works great but if the next sub-summary body for the first record won't fit entirely at the bottom of a page then it moves to a new page.  Even if the sub-summary, author/edition/page and part of the quote would fit at the bottom.

How can I stop the next section from moving to the top of the next page?  I'm attaching some screenshots to show the problem.  Unfortunately because it is a dissertation appendix there are very specific formatting rules that won't allow me to use this.

Thanks for any suggestions!