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Sub-Summary Report Challenge

Question asked by JoshKillham on Feb 10, 2013
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Sub-Summary Report Challenge


     I am relatively new to FMP, but used to be a whiz at MS Access.  Too bad that was about 20 years ago. 

     As a software company, we generate a daily report (.csv) that tracks:

  •           Current Date
  •           Install Date (date client installed software)
  •           Client Key (35 characters of text)
  •           Version # (text)

     Each day I import and append the new report into a FMP table ("usage").  That table is already HUGE with over 2 million records with about 40,000 records added daily. 

     I would like to be able to develop a report that demonstrates the number of times any key used in first 30 / 60 / 90 days from install, and be able to manipulate the resulting data (within FMP or export to excel).  The fact that there is a lot of data has made the trial and error process pretty tedious. 

     So far I have been able to work up a summary field that counts the number of uses per key, but using that data has escaped me. 

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Also, any tips to improve efficiency of this process would be welcomed.