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Sub-summary report grouped by month

Question asked by mayor on Apr 28, 2014
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Sub-summary report grouped by month


     Hello, I design inventory system, the table as bellow;

     stock ( stock_id, stock_name, category ....)

     stock_count ( stock_id, qty_in, qty_out, date_inout .....)

     relationship : stock_id.

     Table stock_count is to store the transactions of stock in and out.

     I want to generated report that grouped by month of the transaction which is based on the date_inout, sorted by this date field, descending.

     Attached my screenshot.


     I want the report as below:


Stock Name              Date InOut

     1. A4 paper                3 May 2014

     2. A3 paper                1 May 2014


     1. Pencil                     25 April 2014

     2. Pocket file              13 April 2014


     How to make this kink of report, please help.

     Many thanks in advance.