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Sub-summary reports show only one item per student

Question asked by Pine on Jun 24, 2009
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Sub-summary reports show only one item per student


I have a database tracking students who receive grants. They then have to seek work, or actually work, to pay back their grant obligation.


My sub-summary reports look OK, but I just realized that they aren't working as I want and need them to work!


One report deals with letters. There is a table called Letter, with a pk key field of letter_id. A student may have been sent zero to many letters, with one letter of each type. The field letter_type has 10 items in a value list. My sub-summary report shows and sums up the number of students who received each of the 10 letter types - EXCEPT that I just noticed that each student is listed only once, as having been sent one type of letter, even if they received multiple letters. 


The goal is to show a summary of all letters sent, so students should be listed under three "value list choices" (letter types) if they were sent three letters. Letter_type is not a repeating field. Should it be? Is there some other solution?


Thank you!