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    Sub-Summary with a Portal



      Sub-Summary with a Portal


      So I have a DB setup for time and expenses tracking by employee number and project.  On my invoice I have it pulling all expenses from a related table and showing through a portal on the printed invoice.  Some projects will have similar expenses being charged by more than one person (such as airfare).  Is there a way to organize the data within the portal so the entries are sorted with the employee's name as a header for each group (Like you would be able to do with a sub-summary)?  I realize I could just include the name of the person on each exp entry in the list but that wouldn't look good on the invoice.  

      Any ideas would be welcomed.


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          Unless it's a feature of FM12, you can't have sub-summary breaks in a portal.  However I would suggest that you keep the portal view for browsing on-screen, but when you print the invoice go to the table that contains the detail records (Expenses, presumably).  Then you can make the list as long or short as it needs to be, and you can have sub-summary breaks and sub-totals.