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Question asked by retailmonica on Jun 18, 2010
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I'm picking up the program quickly, but I don't know how to accomplish this.  I have 11 Advanced, and my colleague has 9 so I'm hoping there is a solution for both versions.... but I don't know if there is such a thing as a 'subfield' in FM.  I want to have headings under headings.  Here is my situation:


I work at a college.  We have required courses to keep track of, and there are some courses that are a "type" of course that fulfill a requirement, and we want to note it as such.




Core Requirements


Chem1 = Analytical Req.

Chem 2 = Analytical Req

Chem 3 = Orgo Req

Chem 4 = Orgo Req

Chem 5 = Inorgo Req

Chem6 = Inorgo Req




So the situation is that there are multiple courses that one could take to fulfill an "Organic Chemistry" Req, but I want to be able to say which one was actually taken, because they only need one, despite all the possibilities.  And I want to have it also show up as a core requirement, which are different from Focus Requirements.  I've tried drop-downs/repeating fields, etc. but they don't really help me the way I want it to.  In Excel, it's easier to do because there are no restrictions with fields. I can merge cells, and voila, there's a header to these fields.  I'd like something similar.  I basically want to layer my fields.


Can this be done?  I don't want to have to compromise on this if possible, partially because I'm trying to get my colleague *out* of Excel and into FM, and this is only coming up as a score for Excel.


Thanks for your help,