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    submit buttom in IWP



      submit buttom in IWP


      I have problem with submit buttom in IWP status area. Can you please tell me a script to replace the submit buttom?
      Also I use a lookup field to show the values from pull down menu...but nothing happens until i hit the submit buttom.

      When I choose the value from the pull down menu i want to see the lookup value to the next field.....Is it possible?

      Thank you

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             On IWP solutions, we usually hide and lock the status bar and build our own submit (and logout) button on the layout. That way you can script to what you need. You can display a second value on the drop-down, if I understand your second question. It sounds like a commit isn't occurring and the record is in an open state. 
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            how you build a script to replase submit buttom?

            Also when I add a record and pull down a menu, the lookup next field don't show the relative info unless I hit the submit

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              Thank you for your post.


              You can either create a script or a button.  To create a button, do the following:


              1. In FileMaker Pro, pull down the View menu and select "Layout Mode"


              2. If you are not displaying the Status Toolbar, pull down the View menu and select "Status Toolbar".


              3. Click on the rectangle or oval tool.  Draw a rectangle or oval on the Layout.


              4. With the rectangle or oval still selected (there will be four handles on the image), pull down the Format menu and select "Button Setup..."  This displays a dialog box entitled "Button Setup".


              5. In the Button Setup dialog box, a list of commands is displayed on the left side.  Highlight:

                 Commit Records/Requests


              6. Click OK, and return to Browse Mode.


              Now, whenever a client is accessing the file via Instant Web Publishing, the client can click the image to Commit the record.


              You can also create a script with the one script step "Commit Records/Requests", and attach that to a button or use the scripts menu to execute it.


              Please let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.



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