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SubParts and a Calculation

Question asked by TKnTexas on Feb 11, 2014


SubParts and a Calculation


     I am working on a Catering Space database.  I have a table for the rooms.  However, the issue I have is that some rooms may be divisible.  A ballroom could be sold as a ballroom, or since it is divisible into 4 sections.  The subrooms could be booked.  

     I have set up an identifier that has a drop down:  
     1) Regular (not divisible)
     2) Main (a big room that is divisible)
     3) Part  (1 segment of the Main) 

     One the record for a Part I have a field to tie it to the Main (the fixed auto-assigned number).  

     My problem is defining a calculation that is any ONE part is taken, the Main is flagged as Booked.  I could have facilities that have more than one big room.  
     I have had a facility with a ballroom that divided into 3 subrooms; 4 smaller rooms that each could be divided in half for a possible total of 8.  

     But I could have a facility that has rooms that none subdivide.  There is a table for setting up the rooms.  Then a related table with a record for each room for each day of the year.  These are loaded a year in advance or more.  When looking at the rooms that are AVAILABLE is my issue.  I do not want to risk the ballroom getting booked separate from someone else booking the parts.