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Subscription Online Database w/Filemaker

Question asked by bigcaat on Feb 9, 2010


Subscription Online Database w/Filemaker


I have been contacted by someone with a database: 


The data base I developed is a relational data base presently using File maker pro 7, it was originally created some years ago in Paradox.
I have over 33,000 entries. the data base is designed to have short answers to questions...
The data base is broken up into 4 fields..... It has the ability to be searched via key word in any or all of the fields either singularly or jointly. The data base is over 15 years old and has gone through some revisions.

 What he would like to do is have a subscription site with this data. Something where subscribers would pay a monthly fee, and then have access to this data.  I have never done a subscription site. Can anyone here tell me how I would begin to set something like this up?


Would I need a subscription to a website that sets up subscription sites? If so, how do I know which ones will use this type of relational database and ... well, I'm not quite sure what else to ask since I'm sort of flying blind here.

Any input that anyone can give me to get me started would be greatly appreciated.