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       Dear FMF,

      how can I realise following issue:

      In my application (screenshot in attachement) the user should be able to klick on the red button to filter records for the field left of the button. The same is with the stack buttons in the lower part of the design.

      This already works and now I want to combine them:

      If the user first clicks the field button and afterwards the brand button FileMaker should show only records who are the right field AND right brand.


      Thank you verry much for your help,




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          How you do that will depend on your data model (what tables and relationships are used to store and organize your data).

          Your button might perform a script that performs a find for those records, updates match fields so that a relationship links to those record, updates a portal filter expression to filter a portal showing those records or a combination of match field value and portal filter manipulation might work.

          So I'd need a more complete understanding of that data model and the records you want to see (and where on this layout) before I could offer more than the above general outline.

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            Dear Phil,

            I want to show all records matching to the both criteria, but only if they are both selected. If e.g. Health Care is selected I want to see all from Healthcare. If the User also selects a Brand, he should see all Healthcare Applications by this Brand. When he clicks on another Brand he should see all Healthcare by the new selected Brand.

            Find the Relationship Graph in Attachmend.


            Best regards,



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              But how does that data model relate to your layout? Which of those many table occurrences are the basis for your layout? And if, as may or may not be the case, the lower list of options is also shown in a portal, what table occurrence is the basis for that portal?

              Are you trying to show matching records in a portal or finding records in a found set?

              Where on your layout will you display these results?

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                Ah okay now I got you :D

                The layouts basis ist the "Application"-occurence.

                The Portals in the left bottom corner have "ApplicationImages" as basis.

                The Portal in the right bottom corner has "AllFactorys" as basis. OnClick a record is created/deleted in "FactoryForApplication'.


                I try to find records in a found set. In two steps:

                First search for "Field". (e.g. in the Screenshot "Health Care").

                If the User want to he could afterwards click on a "Brand" Field to search for "Field" and "Brand" (e.g. in the Screenshot "Health Care" and "red"). \

                If he not clicks on a "Brand" Field he should see all records containing "Field" (e.g. in Screenshot "Health Care") by all "Brands", not filtered to one (e.g "red")




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                  First search for "Field". (e.g. in the Screenshot "Health Care").

                  That appears to be a field formatted as a drop down list. What field is that in your table? Is it a field in Applications? And it specifies data from what table in your database? Applications or some related table?

                  And in what table is the "brand" data stored? Applications or some related table? (looks like this would be data in "BrandForApplication")

                  And is that box for Brand in the lower right corner a single field, a portal or a group of individual fields, one per radio button?

                  Where will you display these results? On this same layout? (which means you want to examine the Differentiation and Product Description values for the fields thus found.

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                    You may find this thread on scripted finds useful: Scripted Find Examples

                    And note that "constrain found set" can apply new search criteria only to those records already in the found set to further "filter" the set of records you want to pull up in a found set.

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                      Dear Phil,

                      constrain found set was exactly for what I'm searching for.


                      Thanks a lot