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    Subset of Records within a Portal



      Subset of Records within a Portal


      I am using Filemaker Pro 10. I have created a database which has customers and jobs. The customers jobs are displayed in a portal on the customer screen. As the database has grown there are now many portal records being displayed.

      My question is: Is there any way of restricting the number of portal records being displayed to make it easier to find the record I wish to edit? E.g. There is a field on the job record which identifies the status with values such as 'Not Started, 'In Progress', 'Job Complete', etc. Is there a way of just showing the 'In Progress' records in the portal?



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          What you are looking for is a "filtered portal".  It's commonly used enough that the feature was built into FMP11.

          Set up a field in your parent table as a radio button set of "Not Started, In Progress, Job Complete, etc."

          Now make your relationship between parent and child be:

          Parent::CustomerID = Child::CustomerID

          AND  Parent::RadioButtonField = Child::JobStatus

          Now the relationship will only 'connect' if both are true.

          Now when you click the radio button for "Not Started", only the jobs for that customer which are not started will appear in the portal.  Click "In Progress" and only the in progress ones show.

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            Wow, that is really neat and works a treat. Thanks for your help.

            Now the next question, "Is there any way to show ALL the records in the portal if I wish to?"

            Thanks again for your clever solution.


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              Hmmm...I was afraid you'd ask that and was pondering how to do so.  The best I've come up with so far (and I'm sure it's not the best FMP can do, so I hope another chimes in) is to use the "ShowAll" value to trigger a script which sends you to another layout.

              This other layout would look exactly like the filtered one, but would be based on another Table occurrence (same table) that is not filtered.  This other layout would send back to the first if you clicked on the filtering radio buttons.

              If you take this approach...I'm still noodling on a better way...I would use an OnModify trigger on the radio button set.  The script would look at the value in the radiobutton field and go to the appropriate layout based on that value.

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                You could use a checkbox set instead of radio buttons. Then you can just check all the statuses when you want to see all.