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Substitute in Repeating Field

Question asked by TimSnedden on Oct 9, 2011
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Substitute in Repeating Field



Yes I'm not keen on Reapeating Fields... Heres my Question and why I want to do it this way,(Im open to other suggestion)

I have documents that are some 20 - 30 pages long that the client wants to search then print out the document I need to SUBSTITUTE some words. It seams that the BODY layout is limited to about 10 pages long (thats OK I can make another record add the remaining contents of the document the use script triggers)

I made one field with 10 repeats, made my layout which works ok using Field name 1 of 1 repeat 2 of 2 repeat and so on

I then made a CALCULATION field with

Substitute ( Documents::DocumentBody ;[ "**CompanyName**" ; CompanyName];  ["**CompanyAddress**" ; CompanyDetailString] 

Now my problem is the SUBSTITUTE works on the first page of the document, each other page, instead of SUBSTITUTING, the words that should be there are not, even the references **CompanyName**

Any ideas or different ways to do this