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Substitute Script Step in Runtime Solution

Question asked by furbies on Feb 4, 2010
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Substitute Script Step in Runtime Solution


Hi All


I'm writing a script that is to go into a FM 9.0.3 Runtime (I have FM 9.0.3 Advanced, Mac OS 10.6.2) and in the script I have the following code:


Insert File [ Books::gTempTextContainer ] [ Reference ]


Set Variable [ $fileName; Value:Substitute ( GetValue ( Books::gTempTextContainer ; 1 ) ; "file:" ; "" )


The problem is that when I run the script from within FM Advanced, $fileName ends up being the name of the actual file selected in Insert File, but when I run the same code from within a Runtime Solution, $fileName seems to still be the whole file path not just the fileName.


Is there some limitation ? I can't find any references that point me in the right direction?