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Substitution and sliding problem

Question asked by willrollo on Jul 28, 2013
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Substitution and sliding problem


     I am designing a mailmerge type of layout. I have created a few buttons that insert text into the editable field that contains teh merge letter text body. On my preview page, I have a caclulated field that converts this text body and inseterted texts into address/names etc. 


     "Full Address" ; Billing_Address 1 & ¶ & Billing_Address 2 & ¶ & Billing_Address 3 & ¶ & Billing_Address 4 & ¶ & Billing_Address 5 & ¶ & Billing_Country ) ;
     "For the Attention of: " ;FAO Text);
     "Contact"; Contact )
     The problem I have is that I dont know how to slide the address lines up, if for example there is no blling address 4. As I am not suing merge fields then the method should be added to this calculated field steps above. assume case/if but unsure how to add it and if it will work...