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    substring a column



      substring a column


      Hello all, because I'm new in FM I'm losing my head to take off numbers and words from a string column.

      For ex, if I have in one column both cases below, how can I split these strings into other columns?

      13789 - BIVAR DE SOUZA DUDA - PB - Deputado Estadual

      40444 -  - PSB -  - Deputado Estadual / 456 - CASSIO RODRIGUES DA CUNHA LIMA - PB - Senador

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          But how should they be split? I can't tell where you'd want to split them. Putting 13789 and 4044 into the first column seems like a possible start, but even that is a guess on my part. A lot depends on how consistent your text is from record to record--that's something that we can't judge from just two rows of text. Will a space|Hyphen|Space separate the data in every case?