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Subsummary and Sorting

Question asked by AnnetteSteinberg on Jan 4, 2012
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Subsummary and Sorting


 Hi - using FM Pro 11.0 v3 Windows.

I'm having trouble with sorting for a report that includes the following: Fields: insur co./agent/client/catetory/$ - various fields.

I've got subsummaries sorting by month/year, insurance co., agent, client, category, and a Grand Total Summary for all the $ - various fields.

How do I get the subtotal for the category 1 and 2 only by the month instead of by each client?  I've tried doing a calculation field using Get (summaryfield;breakfield) but that doesn't work because the breakfield contains the two categories.  I'd greatful for your thoughts.

Insurance Co/Agent
            Client              category1   $
            Client              category2   $
Subtotal for category1                  $
Subtotal for category2                  $
Month Totals                               $