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Subsummary in layout with portal data

Question asked by tomyum on Aug 3, 2011
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Subsummary in layout with portal data


Hi all,

I am playing with the "invoices" starter solution trying to figure out how to make a report the way I want it.

The goal is to have a monthly report sorted by the products, with a subsummary on each product and a grand total.
The aim is to see how much we sell of each product and what profit we get from it (in my own database).

I am able to set up a layout (in "Invoices") and a script that collects data from "Line Items" via GTRR.
I am also able to use a Calculated Result to narrow it down to the date I want.
So the data collected and listed in my layout is correct, and works fine with sorting and all.

The problem is that the subsummary and grand totals give weird results, and I can not get it working.
I have tried to make the summary fields in both "invoices" and "line items" tables, but neither gives any understandable results when incorporated in my layout (via "subsummary when sorted by")

Can anyone give me a hint to how I could get the summary to work?