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Subsummary labels inside a portal?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Nov 22, 2011
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Subsummary labels inside a portal?


I was wondering about the best (or maybe just easiest) way to create labels/dividers in a portal.  I was thinking that a subsummary would be perfect, but can't seem to see how to utilize it.  That isn't the only possible method, though:  I was originally thinking about creating a false parent record, and defining a "DISPLAY" field that would calculate some different text based on various things.


So a bit more explanation:  Using FMP 11.  I am trying to implement a new UI for Filemaker search functionality.  (I have posted about this before with various other issues.)  We are trying to figure out how exactly to implement some OR vs. AND functionality for criteria.  We are going with a 'grouping' method, where stuff that is 'grouped' together will get AND'ed, everything else is OR'ed.  But how to best show that?  My co-worker came up with some nice functionality for creating the groups and showing them, but now we want to make things a bit more obvious to the end user by creating some more generic language. 


This portal is in a layout based on a Users table; there is a Searches table and a Criteria Lines table.  There are portals to both Searches and Criteria on the layout.  (Trying to keep things unified.)

Here are a few screen shots.  This is the portal view that I would like to create labels in.  The first one shows two selected rows which will then be grouped together via a button (not shown).

[Images aren't showing up when I view the thread, but show up when I am editing the post.  I have attached the images to the message, instead.  Aw crum; only one image can be attached?  Made a combined version.]



This shows the grouped items, but with the partially implemented solution of using a parent record that uses calculated display text.  You may notice a missing criteria line; that's because currently an active line is defined as the parent (hence 'partially implemented'  :)).  I was just testing the DISPLAY text feasability (seems to work well).  (We already use the display text to create the indentation and "+" sign visual.)


BUT, it seems that what would work even better is a sub-summary report.  I could create a field for some descriptive text value, then summarize on the value.  This would then create the sub-summary line with that description in it and I wouldn't have to create false parent records.


Any suggestions?