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Subsummary reports

Question asked by Mary78 on Jun 2, 2010
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Subsummary reports


Hi there,


I am trying to do a couple of things which I am not sure are possible in Filemakerpro v11.


I have created a database with a number of tables linked via a clientID. I am trying to create a report on a number of fields relating to clients seen in each quarter. To report on each field, however, I have to redefine the sort each time - e.g., sort by age range of clients, sort by marital status etc. I would like the report to show the breakdown of each of these fields (using the value lists) directly underneath each other, with a pie chart beside each one. I haven't managed to find a way to do this...


Also, I am trying to find out how to report on how many outreach visits took place in particular locations as well as how many clients this referred to, e.g., there were so many visits in ? location and ? no. of clients were seen.


I want the subsummary report to look like this:


Location:                          Count no. of visits:                                     Count No. of clients:


So far, I have only managed the no. of visits part. I have defined summary fields 'count no. of visits' which counts 'location' . I have tried to add 'count no. of clients' which counts CLient ID. However, when I sort by location, the report shows me equal values for both.


Any help would be appreciated.