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Subsummary reports in browse mode

Question asked by scottworld on Jul 28, 2010
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Subsummary reports in browse mode


There is a long-standing bug in FileMaker Pro when viewing subsummary reports in browse mode.

When viewing a subsummary report in browse mode, FileMaker puts an enormous amount of unexpected blank space at the bottom of the report that enables the user to keep scrolling way beyond the end of the report into a vast emptiness.  FileMaker lets you scroll BENEATH THE LAST RECORD in browse mode. It's as if FileMaker THINKS there are 50 or 100 more records beyond the last record, but there are actually NO MORE RECORDS to scroll to. So you can scroll & scroll & scroll, and suddenly you're looking at a blank report in browse mode. Because all of the records just scrolled right off the page above you.

But as soon as you switch into preview mode, the emptiness disappears and the subsummary report looks/prints exactly like it should.

Can you please fix ASAP? This bug is really annoying my clients.