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Subsummary Totals Calculated in Related Table

Question asked by gidgetgirl81 on Jul 5, 2009
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Subsummary Totals Calculated in Related Table




I have a database that keeps records of time on company projects.  First of all, each task is an entry in a table called "Tasks", where a task type is selected from a defined value list, and the hours for that particular task is manually entered.  


Then, there is a form that will summarize the total time for each project (TotalHours) by the subsummary field (TaskType).  So it could tell me that on Job XYZ, there was a subsummary of 20 hours of TaskType1, and a subsummary of 36 hours of TaskType2, with a grand summary of 56 hours for the entire job.


All of this is working just fine, but I am having trouble calculating these subsummary values in the browse mode.  For the related table "Invoices", I need to break down the subsummary values.  Right now I manually enter that the TaskType1 for Job XYZ was 20, and TaskType2 for Job XYZ was 36... so that this can enter into my Invoice Layout.


Is there a way to automatically calculate those subsummary values in the related table Invoices, in browse mode?  


I came up with the calculation:

TaskType1Total =  If ( Tasks::TaskType="TaskType1" ; GetSummary ( Tasks::TotalHours ; Tasks::Task Type ) ; "" )


but it's not working!!  Can anyone help?  Thanks!